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Social Security Disability Valdosta, GA

Social Security Disability Insurance Requirements and an Attorneys Worth

by Rainier Policarpio

In the United States, any Valdosta disabled person is eligible to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI. This federal program aims to provide financial support to those Valdosta workers who can no longer perform their jobs and sustain their daily necessities.

In applying for disability insurance with the Social Security Administration, the Valdosta applicants are required to bring the following documents to their initial interviews:

• Social Security Number
• Original copy of birth certificate or any valid document that will prove the applicant’s age
• Names, addresses and contact information of healthcare professionals, hospitals and clinics that rendered their medical services to the applicant, as well as the dates the treatment or rehabilitation took place
• List of jobs and companies done in the past
• Latest copy of the applicant’s W-2 form or federal tax returns if the applicant happen to be self-employed

Note: The SSA is willing to help the applicants to obtain these documents to complete the needed information

Aside form these documents, an Valdosta applicant must have also met the required number of work credits to qualify for SSDI benefits. The required credits will depend on the age when he began working. Further information regarding this may be seen on the SSA’s website at www.ssa.gov.

How does the SSA Determines Disability
After the applicants submitted their SSDI applications, an evaluation team from the State’s Disability Determination Services (DDS) office will assess their cases. This group of individuals is consisted of a health care specialist and an expert disability evaluator.

The following conditions will be used in determining an applicant’s disability:

• A person’s disability must hinder him from exercising “substantial gainful activities.”
• Impairments included on the approved list of illnesses will be processed directly. Those that are not will still have to be determined based on its severity.
• The applicant’s disability must affect his capability to perform similar Valdosta jobs that he or she had for the last fifteen years.
• An applicant who receives a monthly income of $500 or above is more likely be denied.

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